Atlanta Braves Finally Beat On Washington Nationals

Boy oh boy have the Washington Nationals given the Atlanta Braves fits since their franchise came back to life. After coming out of Los Angeles with 3 of 4 wins against the National League’s best team, the Nationals bring in the Braves for a 3-game series.

Monday night the Braves demolished the streaking Nationals. Tonight, the game was tied 2-2 in the 8th before Adam LaRoche powered his second home run of the game. Then, it was a pitching nightmare for the Nationals, who proceeded to walk three batters in for runs.

It seems all eyes are now on the Atlanta Braves, who have climbed right back into the wildcard race and are not too far away from the Philadelphia Phillies, who want to rely on Cliff Lee as their savior. For some reason, I think the Braves are coming back to life.

All of the analysts are saying that the Braves rotation is the best in the National League, and Derek Lowe showed why so many think that. He pitched seven innings, giving up two runs.

A sweep of the Nationals would tie the longest winning streak for the Braves this year. I’ve said all year that they need to have a healthy winning streak late if they are going to pull this out.

All of the pieces seem to be there now. Martin Prado is still hitting above .300 and he hit his 8th home run of the year. No one wants to pitch to Yunel Escobar when runners are on board. Adam LaRoche is sending balls out of the park. Chipper Jones is back in the line up.

Is this really happening? Are the Braves contenders?

It sure is starting to look that way, isn’t it?

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