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Atlanta Braves Interest In Marlon Byrd Is "Strong"

In the Atlanta Braves’ effort to find a big bat for the outfield,’s Mark Bowman said that the team has “strong” interest in Marlon Byrd.

Earlier in the week, the Braves were evaluating Mark DeRosa. The Braves have also shown interest in Josh Willingham, Mike Cameron, Jermaine Dye and Xavier Nady.

The big name not on the list is Matt Holliday, and the Braves are making it clear that they do not want to spend that kind of cash on anyone. It is unfortunate too, that so much was wasted on a injury-riddled lame pitcher who will be nameless.

Can any of the above names be the final piece that gets the Braves back into the playoffs? My gut feeling is no.

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