Jason Heyward Hitting Bombs In Camp

All eyes are on Atlanta Braves minor league outfielder and MLB’s top prospect, Jason Heyward, who is hitting bombs in practice as the team prepares for the Grapefruit League games.

I am a bit surprised at how much he has grown just in size over the two years his name has been mentioned on the prospect list. This guy really looks ready to play now, and his good friend Freddie Freeman, doesn’t seem to be too far behind.

At practice, the Braves had to take action to protect vehicles because Heyward was hitting bombs over the fence and the balls were crashing into parked cars.

Buster Olney says that when Heyward hits the ball it sounds like Hank Aaron.

Although the Braves seem to be tempering the attention on the kid, the press is all over him. So far, he’s been compared to Fred McGriff, Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron.

Will this kid be the real deal?

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