Jason Heyward Gets Nod For Braves While Minor Leaguer Gets Stung With Pee-Pee Out

On the same day that Atlanta Braves prospect Jason Heyward was announced as the starting left fielder, reports surfaced that another young Braves player in the farm system was arrested for servicing himself with a prostitute.

Deunte Heath is out on bond following his arrest Thursday night. Cops cuffed him near the Braves spring training camp in Kissimmee, Florida. He faces prostitution charges with accusations that he responded to a classifieds ad on a Web site for some naughtiness.

Cops conducted an undercover sting operation at a Kissimmee townhouse, likely where Heath was getting his rocks off.

Poor guy. Did he really do something wrong?

Certainly this has little effect on the Braves and Jason Heyward’s progress.

As Bobby Cox said to the press, how could they not give Heyward the starting job? The 20-year-old phenom has blasted the hell out of the ball in the Grapefruit League, hitting .366 and a home run that hit farther than 430 feet. He has five RBIs in 41 at bats, and an incredible .500 on base percentage and an even more incredible .537 slugging average.

If Heyward comes even close to those numbers this season, then other teams need to beware. The Braves may not pack a punch of power, but they easily could have more than half their lineup batting above .300


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