Will Nate McLouth Be Thorn To Braves?

Nate McLouth. Damn you, Nate. In a 1-0 lead and bases loaded with one out in the 5th, McLouth found himself under a short pop fly.

He caught it. Thank God, he caught it. But when he tried to throw the ball to catcher Brian McCann, not only was it off to the right, it was late. It was slow.

Is his hamstring a bigger problem and he is just not telling people?

Once the Pittsburgh Pirates prodigy, they traded him to the Braves at what even I thought was the pinnacle of his career. This was the big signing for the Braves, only because he came at a relatively low cost compared with what former first baseman Mark Teixeira would have commanded. I know they play different positions, but the Braves had to find someone showing some power young in the career at McLouth didn’t seem to be a bad choice at the time.

He wasn’t a great choice. He wasn’t the best either.

After mid-season last year, he tanked. He’s not hitting the ball. And now he is becoming a thorn in the outfield.

Can Melky Cabrera pick it up and become the starter? He hasn’t shown squat yet.

The Cubs lead 2-1 and Ryan Dempster looks as good as Jair Jurrjens.

This also is the second game of the season; I know.

But I am not the only one putting Nate McLouth under the microscope.

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