Braves Lose Series To Giants

The Atlanta Braves lost its first series of the season to the San Fransisco Giants. The Braves did hand the Giants their only loss of this young season.

The Braves stranded too many base runners in this season and the offense didn’t really show up in two of the three games. Players made errors and the bull pen looked rocky at times, including Billy Wagner who blew a save with an Edgar Renteria homer.

The 3-2 Braves have a lot to look forward to though. Jason Heyward continues to be a force on offense. Brian McCann continues to be a force on offense. has been pounding the ball and second baseman Martin Prado continues to surprise.

The rotation looks solid, even at the fifth starting spot. But the Braves continue to have problems closing games and winning close games.

Although it is much too early to predict what could happen later in the season, there’s not a lot of criticism one can aim at the Braves. Coach Bobby Cox has assembled a strong line up with depth, quality pitching and good coaches.

Will the thorn be with the bull pen again? One could argue it might be.

Will losing 1-run games be the culprit to missing the playoffs? Maybe.

Maybe what needs to happen is some luck and chemistry. The Braves need to hit when it counts and payoff the pitching staff by getting them wins.

Both Tommy Hanson and Tim Hudson looked strong out of the gate, but neither has a win. That cannot continue.

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