Braves In Last Place

Nothing is going right for the Atlanta Braves. Injuries are having an affect early in the season and run support is lacking when the aces are on the mound.

Why have the Braves only won 9 games and hit a 9-game losing streak after showing glimpses of a team that might return to the playoffs?

Jair Jurrjens is not 100 percent.

Yunel Escobar is flopping.

Billy Wagner, who says he is retiring at the end of this season, only has 8 appearances, 2 saves and one blown save.

Even though they are walloping the Houston Astros right now, the Braves are showing no one in baseball that there is enough talent to contend.

Then again, the Washington Nationals are 13-10 and in second place.

It is doubtful any of this is going to last, including the Braves skid. It is better that the kinks come early than late. No one wants the Braves to close the season losing the last four games to the Nationals, especially not when there is a chance of making the playoffs.

If the Braves were in reach of a spot, less than 10 games out, why do they look worse now?

All eyes are on general manager Frank Wren, who was supposed to build this team back to its prime position atop the NLS East. He’s so far sent them falling in the opposite direction.

Has he earned anything yet? Some do not think he’s done his job well.

Troy Glaus was a risk and his .203 batting average is making Wren look real bad.

In the Braves 9-game losing streak, they were shut out three times and scored just 17 runs in those 9 games.

That’s the symptom of trouble. And Frank Wren’s head ought to be on the chopping block if this season doesn’t turn around by June.

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