Last Place Atlanta Braves Lose Series To Nationals

The Atlanta Braves head into Philadelphia this weekend fresh off a series loss to the Washington Nationals. If it weren’t for the Houston Astros, the Braves would be entangled in one of its worse losing stretches in franchise history.

The Braves are in last place and quickly became one of baseball’s big disappointments for 2010. The team appears lifeless and key players are either not healthy or not hitting.

Almost no-hit Thursday night by Scott Olson and the Nationals, the Braves did happen to tie the game 2-2 late only to lose the game with a single from one of their former players. Nothing is go well for the Braves.

Brian McCann’s having problems with his eyes again. Yunel Escobar remains out of the line up. Martin Prado has landed on Earth and is sinking in quick sand.

And Derek Lowe just gave up a two-out, 3-run home run to Jason Werth, leaving no doubt that this is no laughing matter. Have the Braves actually gotten worse?

Is this team so bad that Frank Wren will finally be held accountable for the last decade of a disaster?

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