Hinske Doubles Against Milwaukee, May 2010 Courtesy Yardbarker.com

Eric Hinske Still A Brave

Per Dave O’Brien of AJC.com, Eric Hinske has signed a one-year deal to return to the Atlanta Braves with an option for the second year. While contract terms weren’t released, O’Brien stated that the contract was heavy on plate appearance incentives.

I think most will agree that this is a good outcome from the Braves perspective. I would assume that the option is either a team or mutual option, since Hinske was seeking a two year deal. As such, it likely gives the Braves an out on the second year if Hinske’s performance is not up to expectations, or if conditions change for the Braves.

I have to give Wren credit here; I think I would have caved and given Hinske the second year. I have to conclude that he is really good at reading the tea leaves of the market in refusing to grant the second year outright. That’s nothing but positive for the Braves. If he’d lost out on Hinske, though, it might have been ugly trying to find another piece that fit so well. I do wonder if the risk was worth the reward. Opinions?

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