What Would You Like To See Here?

As we move closer to Spring Training, it occurred to me that it might make sense to share with you some of my vision for Tomahawk Take and conversely to seek input from our readers as to what you’d like to take away from the site.

It is my hope that the site become a destination that you make sure to visit each day. To accomplish that, I think that the site has to go beyond just providing quality content. Obviously, the quality has to be there, but we could easily rehash quality information that you already get from other sources and not be a place you look forward to visiting.

As such, I don’t see Tomahawk Take being focused on things like game summaries and box scores. Rather, I think that we should go beyond this, either by providing deeper analysis, or by looking at things in new ways. In the past, for example, I’ve gotten on my soap box about saves and holds being poor indicators of relief pitcher effectiveness. Rather than stopping there, though, I put together some metrics of my own to gauge their performance.

I could also see the site developing recurring content that you could look forward to. One idea I have is to have recurring posts or “columns” entitled “What They Didn’t Talk About Last Night”, focusing on something, maybe obvious, maybe not, that the broadcasters omitted from their coverage of the previous game.

What I really want is for Tomahawk Take to be a place somewhat like (for those of you who know what I’m referring to) the old Atlanta Braves Usenet newsgroup used to be, where opinions were swapped and topics fully fleshed out by fans who were knowledgeable and/or opinionated on a subject (hopefully both!).

For that to happen, I’d really like to find out if the kinds of ideas I’m suggesting here sound good or not. Even more, tell me if there is something else you’d like to see here. I have no monopoly on good ideas and I’m all ears.

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