Braves Hitters Having Great Spring So Far

Hello again everyone!  I’m coming to you today from what seems to be the place with the most tempermental weather on the planet: 12 degrees this morning, maybe 50 tomorrow.  The same snow and ice must have melted and refrozen half a dozen times.  And it finally gave me a cold.  Yuck!

But on to more pleasant things.  I was browsing the ‘Net today and came across some great (albiet premature) news: As a group, the projected Braves starting eight for this season are hitting amazingly well.  How well?  Let’s take a look!

Prado .263 .333 .316 .649
McLouth .462 .650 .615 1.265
Jones .300 .364 .500 .864
Uggla .278 .364 .333 .697
McCann .188 .188 .188 .376
Heyward .417 .533 .500 1.033
Freeman .381 .435 .524 .959
Gonzalez .389 .450 .611 1.061
Total .328 .403 .445 .848

All the "question mark" pieces are doing well.  I personally don’t have too many worries about McCann, Prado, and Uggla.  I’d like to see a lot more power, though, as in total the group only has 2 home runs (one each by Prado and Chipper).  I’ll take the good news, even given the limited sample size.  Do you have any thoughts?

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