The Braves look on with concern as Luis Salazar is taken from the dugout. (Credit Talking Chop for the picture)

Braves Minor League Manager Struck in the Face by Line-Drive

Braves minor league manager Luis Salazar was struck by a line-drive during the first inning of Atlanta’s spring training game against the Cardinals. The situation seemed grave and a number of Braves were deeply affected by the incident. Salazar lost consciousness and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital.

Fortunately for the Braves, Salazar has regained consciousness and is breathing on his own, but many feared the worst. Frank Wren said he had never seen a situation quite like this.

“I’ve really never, in baseball, been through a situation where I felt it was a serious at the time. I’ve seen guys hit on the mound with line drives. I’ve seen different situations. But this was pretty tough.

“Just feel very fortunate and feel blessed that Luis is alive, and that he’s responding and able to communicate with his family and talk. We just pray for the best as he continues these tests and evaluates, and what else lays ahead for him.”

Salazar was hit in the face with a line-drive from the bat of Brian McCann. The ball hit him straight away in the face and he toppled down five stairs back into the dugout. He was unconscious for more than 15 minutes and some players feared he may have been dead. Dave O’Brien of the Journal-Constitution reports Brian McCann was so shaken by the incident he left the game before the start of the second inning. A Florida state trooper came to the dugout mid-game to report to McCann and the Braves that Salazar was breathing on his own again and regained consciousness as he was being airlifted. The Braves have already taken to twitter asking for your prayers and support as Salazar recovers. So please, keep Luis and his family in your prayers tonight.

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