Where Will Kawakami Land Poll

Given the appropriately somber mood after today’s frightening news, I thought it appropriate to give us something lighter to focus on for a while, and what could be lighter than a silly non-scientific poll taken of fans without enough insider information to have an informed opinion?

Now that Fred has shared his insights on where Kawakami may land, it’s our turn to tell him what we think. And, to be fair, I’ll share my thoughts first.

I think that Fred’s thoughts are very cogent. Lacking better data, I’d say they even could be likely outcomes. Of Fred’s suggestions, I like Seattle the best. Seattle has a huge following in Japan and has an owner that has shown a willingness to invest in Japanese talent (can you spell Suzuki; I know all the knowledgeable readers here know what I mean). But I don’t think any of his suggested teams honestly feel they are close enough to being a contender this year that investing several million dollars in one year of KK will make any difference. And, further, as Fred alludes, the others probably don’t have the millions to spend.

So, my vote will be “somewhere else”. Let us know what you think with your votes and your comments!

Where Will Kawakami Pitch In 2011?

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