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There’s lots of little bits of news around right now. Here’s some I thought worthy of note.

salazarLuis Salazar lost his eye Wednesday as a result of being struck by a line drive off Brian McCann’s bat last week. Braves GM Frank Wren said, “Luis is progressing well. Right now he’s focused on getting back to work.”  Salazar, 54, will manage the Braves A-ball team in Lynchburg this year. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Luis and his family as well as to Brian McCann and the Braves team.

Buster Olney is reporting that Jason Heyward’s doctor found that Heyward has less cartilage his discs than the average person. I’m no doctor nor do I play one on TV but I do have some discs that are no longer the size they once were and it is limiting. Having said that Heyward is young, strong and a superior physical specimen whose back is not worn out, so he’s obviously not affected in a similar way. The doctor simply told him to do more stretching.

Kris Medlen – a man we will definitely need NEXT year – threw 15 pitches off a mound at about 50% Tuesday for the first time since undergoing TJ surgery in August 15. Word is he could be ready in August but I REALLY hope they don’t try to bring him back until 2012 our bullpen is plenty good enough without hurrying him back. I’m a big Medlen fan and think he’s a very underrated pitcher. I believe he has a long and successful career, long than some of his current counterparts. More on the pitching staff after the jump.

Braves Rotation: It seems the Braves bid four will throw at least twice before number 5 is needed.David O’Brien of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that  Derek Lowe start on Opening Day followed by  Tommy Hanson, Tim Hudson and Jair Jurrjens.  I’ve said I think barring injury Minor will be the 5th so here’s the schedule; subject to change of course.


News today that the Phillies were seeking an inexpensive outfielder to back up Shane Victorino now that Dominic Brown has a broken hand and Ben Francisco may be pressed into regular service. In a spirit of comraderie amongst friends, I suggest that ask the Royals is Melky Cabrerra is available. He’d certainly be cheap and he stood in played center field.

In order to ease mBravesoracley partner’s pain, I’ve asked the oracle why Billy hasn’t retired yet. I was answered by a large cloud of white smoke, a gurgle and then told to call back later as all line were busy trying to answer questions about Charlie Sheen. I left a number so perhaps they’ll call back. . .or maybe not.

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