The One Truly Important Roster Decision Remaining

Hello again everyone from monsoon season in Michigan. That old saying about “April showers bring July flowers” (that’s the Michigan version of the saying) is ringing true today — at least the showers part.

Fair warning: this will be something of a teaser post, as I want you all to think about this for a while before I weigh in.

In browsing the ‘net today trying to round up some info for a fantasy league that I’ve been in for several years, I started looking at team depth charts. Honestly, my quest began in an effort to uncover potential sleeper closers, as it’s super easy to waste draft picks on guys who either flame out or get hurt (there’s a free fantasy tip hidden in that sentence :) ). Anyway, I decided to look at the projected depth chart for the Braves on several different sites. While I didn’t see anything particularly noteworthy on the pitching side, something that was consistent on the position player charts put things in clear perspective for me. There is one Braves player who is almost universally shown as the Braves second-string player at three different positions. While you might think that player would be the focus of this two part article, if you did you’d be wrong. That player’s importance makes the selection of this other player more critical than normal. And that’s what I want to explore more deeply tomorrow. Of course, you all could cut me off at the pass by chiming in with comments tonight that make the rest irrelevant. Takers (but not you Fred; you already have aced the exam LOL!

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