Final Pre-Season Prediction Of Regular Season Wins

Hello again everyone from lovely Michigan. It’s springtime. It’s 15 degrees outside. It’ll be 10 degrees by morning. Let’s play two!

Now that spring training is drawing to a close, I think it’s time to put on our thinking caps and decide how many games the Braves will win this season. You noticed that I called this a prediction. I want to make sure that this isn’t confused with a projection. We’ve all done projections at some time or another. You know, where you used past history, or formulae, or algorithms or whatever to arrive at a conclusion. That’s science. What I’m talking about here is pure art!

So, let your emotions run free. Be a fan. Imagine just how great things are going to be. Chipper is hitting like he’s 29, not almost 39. Heyward’s a beast. Uggla is the right handed power that the team has needed for years. Freeman is a lock for Rookie Of The Year, unless Kimbrell beats him out. McCann is in better shape than ever. Even McLouth is playing great. And the pitching — wow! The rotation is better and deeper than the Phillies, especially when you figure in age. The Braves have two great closers. Heck, we’ll even throw a party if Sherrill and Proctor don’t make the team!

So, add it up; how much better is this year’s team than last year’s 91 win bunch? Get your number and then vote in the poll. Send a link of the poll to all your friends. Let’s see how quick we can get the first 100 votes! I won’t be shy with my vote. I’ll go out on a limb and make my last pre-season guess be 94 wins. Vote early and often if you can, but please chime in with your thoughts as well!

How Many Games Will The Braves Win In 2011?

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