Once again I ask; Why Frank Why?

As I was settling in to watch today’s game and reviewing the latest news from around the league and came across this tidbit on MLB Trade Rumors. “The Braves have re-signed veteran right-hander Scott Proctor to a minor league contract. . .” My immediate reaction – and that of many I’d guess -HUH? For those who weren’t deeply into spring training numbers or who weren’t watching last year, Proctor was signed to a minor league contract in 2010 after coming off of Tommy John surgery in the hopes that he would regain the form that made him successful as a Yankee. His 2010 minor league numbers were abysmal; ERA of 6.91, WHIP of  1.680, 11.5 hits/9, 1.3 homers/9 and a 2:1 k to BB ratio. When he was called up in September he appeared in 6 games with 5.2 inning pitched, an ERA of 6.35 and a WHIP of  1.412. Once again not good at all. Even with that bad year the Braves resigned him in 2011, this time to a major league contact for $750K.  This was called a low risk signing because he would be well past a year after his TJ surgery and if he performed well his experience would be an asset during a pennant race. He didn’t and he wasn’t.

His spring training numbers were as bad as last year’s. Rookies such as Steve Marek. Juan Abreu and Jairo Ascencio put up better numbers as did the much abused Kenshin Kawakami. So they Braves did what the smart thing, they cut their losses ands released the struggling Proctor paying him about $190,000 for his 2 months of spring training work. Now in what Yogi might call of Déjà vu all over again Braves GM Wren decides to resign Proctor. As with the Lopez signing earlier this year I have to ask, why Frank why? Obviously no one else wanted Proctor or he would have signed while he was floating around out there after being cut. We have better pitchers in the system already. We already have “experience” in the bullpen. Was there just some money laying around we had to spend or it would expire?

At some point buying or even renting off the scrap heap when you already have better alternatives just doesn’t make sense. I know that someone will will say this is a low risk, low cost option. At least one may well accuse me of bashing or hating Frank Wren. But honestly, with so many more pressing needs all I want to know is why sign Proctor again; Why Frank Why?

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