Small Chipper "Magical Mystery Suspension"

Hello again everyone! Still here in the land of Tigers and Arcs!

I’ve meant to post this for several days and have never gotten around to it. As many of you may recall, Chipper was suspended for one game last year, while he was on the DL. He apparently got a little too rowdy razzing an ump and got tossed from the game. The unfortunate part of this was that if you are tossed while on the DL, you are assessed an automatic one-game suspension.

When this happened last year, my recommendation was for the Braves to activate Chipper for the last game of the season, even though he couldn’t play physically. He could use that game to serve his suspension. To the best of my knowledge, they didn’t do that. I’ve also seen no evidence that the suspension was appealed. But I’ve also seen no evidence that the suspension was served. So thus the “Magical Mystery Suspension”.

Do any of you know what happened? Are you curious? We are! Inquiring minds and all!

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