Poll: Who Will Lead The Braves In Wins?

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Given all that’s been happening with the Braves’ rotation thus far, with virtually every starter showing signs of brilliance followed by signs of “not brilliance”, I thought it might be fun to see which Braves pitcher you all thought would lead the team in wins this year.

Personally, I think it could be really close. I think all five of the starters will be in double digits in wins, barring any further injury. Going against the thinking of many of my brethren in the Sabermetric community who think his regression to the mean will be harsher, I’m going with Tim Hudson as the favorite. Based on stuff alone, I would go with Hanson, but he’s been so inconsistent. On history alone, I’d probably go with Lowe. And based on recent performance, I could go with either Beachy or JJ. I think this speaks volumes as to the depth of the staff, which I still think will be a factor in the NL East race, and one not so drastically in favor of the Phillies. What do you think? Vote and tell us your rationale!

Who Will Lead The Braves Staff In Wins IN 2011?

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