Short Strokes

Hello again everyone from the sunshine state; that would be Michigan, of course, where the mercury hit 68 degrees today! It was so nice that my wife decided that it would be a great day for me to pick up a winter’s worth of dog poop from the yard. I started to post a poll to see how much you guys thought that would weigh, coming from my four eighty-pound labs LOL! It was as crappy as not being able to watch today’s game due to Fox’s Saturday blackout.

Being as Fred already posted a game summary, I thought it would be a good time to post some notes I’ve accumulated. As they’re all short (but not all short and sweet), I thought I’d call the article “Short Strokes”. If you like it, let me know and I might even make it a series.

  • Freddie Freeman hits the ball harder than anyone on the team. If he can master the art of backspin, he will be a 40 HR guy.
  • Jason Heyward is in a typical power hitter’s slump. His problems originate from over-swinging. Expect him to break out very soon.
  • Alex Gonzalez is playing better defense than ever. He won’t win the Gold Glove (an award with a history of indefensible winners), but his defense and FF’s could win the division for the Braves.
  • What is up with Jason Heyward’s defense? Forget whether the play was ruled an error; he has botched a half-dozen plays that HE should make. Concentrate, man!
  • Get used to hearing “just by” or “just off” Chipper’s glove a lot, as has already happened. Maybe it’s his right knee, but he has looked like a statue in the field.
  • That’s acceptable by me, as Chipper is swinging the bat maybe even better than 2008. He’s hit better than his average, as he’s hit a bunch of very near HR’s.
  • I’m trying very hard to give Fredi Gonzalez the benefit of the doubt concerning his on-field decisions, especially in the pen, but he’s making it hard. And substituting McCann for Ross on defense on Thursday may have cost the game.
  • Don’t worry about Uggla; he’ll hit. He’s repeating his history right now (which should have been anticipated). If anything, his power is ahead of schedule.
  • The biggest leverage point towards fixing the offense is finding a decent number two hitter. Fred Owens (trying to avoid Fred confusion :-) ) thinks it’s Gonzalez. I think his OBP is too low, but don’t have a better idea. I’d suggest McLouth, but then he’d tank. I think Heyward will stay there.

  • What do you think? And please give me feedback on the concept!

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