What Was Fredi Thinking?

Hello again everyone from lovely Michigan!

I couldn’t force myself to wait to post this, and I really hope we get some discussion on this. What the hell was Fredi thinking leaving Jairo Asencio in the game as he was getting knocked around in the seventh inning? It was obvious, at least on TV, that he didn’t have his good stuff when the inning started. He was not able to locate his breaking stuff and his changeup had no tilt. Every hitter (save Pat Burrell, who got on with a 50 foot swinging bunt) put good wood on the ball or walked. Yet, Jairo Asencio remained in the game.

I used to hate the people who continually ragged on Cox’s managing, and I’ve never been one to do this. Yet it has seemed that Fredi is making decisions that are hard to defend. Maybe he’s trying to think further down the road; I don’t know. I do know that you have to get out of the current “fix” before you can worry about the next problem.

OK, that’s my take. What’s yours?

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