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And The Surgeons Are Ringing The Cash Registers!

Hello one more time for today from southeast Michigan!

The news on the injury front for the Braves organization is not too good, especially if you are Stephen Marek or Peter Moylan.

Stephen Marek, who started the season with 9 1/3 scoreless innings (and a strong clamoring for a call-up from Gwinnett, especially from me!), will end his season with Tommy John elbow surgery. Damn! Is it just me or does it seem that this is becoming “de rigueur” for pitchers? And doesn’t it seem that they all are pitching great just before the injury? I used to have race car engines that were the same way, often turning their best times just before spewing their guts all over the track!

And Peter Moylan now seems resigned to back surgery to fix a bulging disc. The disc has not responded to rest and an epidural. He already has one opinion for surgery and is seeking a second opinion now. The good news, if there is any, is that Moylan thinks he can return before the post-season. I’m not sure I believe that. I wonder if the Braves might steal a page from the Rangers’ playbook and put Teheran in their bullpen for the rest of this season? Can you imagine having to face Tehran, Venters, and Kimbrell? Wow! All that our starters would need to do is own the first six innings, then it’s lights out!

Any thoughts out there?

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