Quick Clips–Heyward, Proctor, Kimbrel

heyward batJust three quick notes as I watch the Braves surrender at least the first half of the game to the Nationals. Okay I know Jordan Zimmerman in pitching well but still sheesh.  Anyway, first of all Jason Heyward’s MRI showed no damage just inflammation. A cortisone shot was administered and he should be back in the lineup in a few days. My question and I suspect that of many others, is what caused the inflammation  and why did it take him six weeks to report it?  Answers on a postcard, you need not be present to win, yada, yada, yada. . . .

Mark Polishuk over at MLB Trade Rumors repeats a report from Dave O’Brien at the AJC that a couple of teams asked the Braves about Scott Proctor this month because when he resigned a minor league contract with the Braves after being cut at the end of spring training. The Braves will call Proctor up Sunday to bolster a sagging –mostly around the Linebrink-Sherrill area- bullpen. He couldn’t be called up earlier because of his spring training release. Proctor has been burning up AAA hitters – as he should be – with a 1.12 ERA and a 0.938 WHIP in 16 innings, striking out 23 while walking 5 and surrendering one home run. I think Proctor is another lost cause. I hope I’m wrong and he comes back at the top of his game. In any event, can he be worse than the dynamic due of Linebrink and Sherrill? If Proctor replaces LineBrink I hope they have similar plans for our LOOGY.

Fredi Gonzales told anyone who would listen today that he had no intention of moving Craig Kimbrel out of the closers job. I don’t agree with much of what the Skipper has done with out pitching staff but I do agree with this. Unless you’re Mariano Rivera blown saves happen. Billy Wagner blew seven last year but no one mentions that when they complain  about Kimbrel and compare him to Wagner.

Well, we’re trying to rally, I should chop or sacrifice a goat or something to help. . .

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