Braves Prove They Can Hit Any Pitcher In Baseball

Alex Gonzalez Hit The Game-Winning Solo Homer Tonight. Picture from earler game courtesy

Hello again everyone from the easy bake oven of the midwest, otherwise known as southeast Michigan.

By now you’ve all seen that the Braves managed to prove that they can hit any pitcher in baseball, as they got a hit tonight. Two hits to be precise. But it actually only took one of them, Alex Gonzalez‘s long home run to left center field, for them to beat the Marlins, 1-0.

What’s interesting to me is that this season the Braves have proven that they can hit anyone. Except….

… except pitchers making their first big league start. Or pitchers making their first start against the Braves. Or pitchers making their first start coming back from an injury. Or top-of-the-rotation starters. Or bottom-of-the-rotation starters who are in danger of losing their spots in the rotation. Or pitchers who always do well against the Braves. Or really old pitchers. Or really young ones. Did I leave any type out?

So, the obvious solution to the team’s hitting problems is they jsut have to be facing the right kind of pitcher.

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