My Kingdom (or a pitching prospect) For A Hitter

A Hitter, A Hitter, My Kingdom (or a pitching prospect and more) for a hitter to bring right handed balance to the roster.

Channeling my inner Shakespeare because the cold snap today (we dropped to 93 and thunder boomers last night) has me in a poetic mood.It seems the Braves watched the way the Rangers took their at bats and – while they were in town anyway – tried to emulate them. Then the Blue Jays arrived and Tim Hudson had to win his own game because the bats went back to their impotent selves.

In a chat with David O’Brien today GM Frank Wren said:

“I think Chipper said it today in the paper, and I agree – most of our needs are in the clubhouse. We get guys healthy, and then you fine-tune. That’s the hope anyway.”

The GM is incorrect as any outside observer would tell him. If Chipper said that today – I couldn’t find it but I haven’t been able to read every article out there – he’s speaking as the leader of the club, trying to pump up our under performing offense and not considering our left handed bench. He knows as well as better than anyone that this group while individually talented, hasn’t become the kind of consistently productive lineup that wins championships. We’re nearly halfway in and time is running out.

As I write this of course we are whipping on the Jays’ Tuesday starter Zach Stewart in his second major league start. Beating up on the rookie or the Astros pitching staff may temporarily mask our ineptitude at the plate against front line pitchers but it doesn’t fix it.

Prior to tonight there were the Braves numbers.


Braves 2515 285 598 127 5 76 .238 .306 .383
Rank 3 11 12 7 16 3 13 13 7

The rumor mill has been rife with choices available and fans saying what moves we should make. A lot of the fan chatter is media built of course; whoever is hot they want and I understand that, I’d love to have Reyes and Pence too; that isn’t happening.

So, my inner Shakespeare wants to know,  What’s in a name? Would hits from an unknown but capable bat not be as sweet?

How much does a name influence your wants? When the numbers are detached from the names, who would you choose from this list.

1 27 53 11 0 10 .231 .307 .410 0.4 -0.3
2 30 72 17 2 9 .263 .306 .438 0.8 0.1
3 32 68 10 0 9 .260 .328 .401 0.7 0.5
4# 34 66 15 5 2 .262 .300 .385 0.8 0.3
5* 47 80 17 5 1 .280 .351 .385 1.9 0.6
6 23 53 8 1 3 .308 .346 .419 1.0 0.2
7 23 52 7 2 5 .301 .349 .451 0.9 0.9

#Switch hitter *Hits Left

I added offensive and defensive WAR for this season to help you decide and a couple who aren’t widely discussed but might be available as well just to mix things up. Some have stolen bases others have none. I didn’t add numbers but the bottom half has more than the top half if that helps.

The Poll’s below. I’ll publish the names to go with the numbers after we have some responses on  Thursday.

Which hitter do you want?

  • Option 5 (45%, 5 Votes)
  • Option 7 (27%, 3 Votes)
  • Option 2 (18%, 2 Votes)
  • Option 6 (9%, 1 Votes)
  • Option 1 (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Option 3 (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Option 4 (0%, 0 Votes)
  • We don't need no stenking bat man! (1%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 11

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  • BC Clemmons

    This is becoming the Seinfeld of blogs. A whole lot of nothing other than the USUAL Wren knock.Two minutes of my life I won’t get back.Sorry Fredo.

  • Fred Owens

    I’m sorry you’re disappointed. I looked back over recent posts and haven’t seen an “attack” on the GM. I disagree with his quote and you see that as an attack.
    The team’s hitting under 200 in the last two weeks, is 13th of 16 in batting average and OBP. That’s not good enough in the long term.
    The quote sets up the poll question of whether we need a bat or not and if we do, which bat from the list. If you think that the team is good enough as configured then choose we don’t need a bat and tell everyone why.

  • Bob Horton


    In my opinion, if a move is to be made, it needs to be for an impact bat. I just don’t see an impact bat in this list.

    I don’t see a choice that fits my thinking right now. I really need to write my article on what I think will happen and why it might even be the best realistic outcome, but I haven’t had the time. Two new clients and massive trade shows :P. What’s a poor mother to do :(??


  • Fred Owens

    Short of blowing up the team (multiple moves mid-season, not happening when you are in second place) I’m not sure what else they might do.
    Impact bats like the Fred McGriff trade or the trade for Tex just don’t seem available as often, probably due to the wild card keeping teams in way past the trade deadline. In addition the definition of an impact bat has changed.
    Last December the Rockies added Tye Wiggington and declared him an impact bat. If the Rockies fall out he could be available (he’s not on the list above) and I like his versatility but he’s not going to hit 400 like Tex did the first half season or hit a lot of game inning home runs like McGriff.
    The impact of today’s impact bat is to change the lineup’s balance and make it more efficient rather than add superstar power. Mostly superstar power doesn’t work anyway, ask LeBron what’s his name.
    Tell mother to hire an affable, friendly and loveable guy like me to take some of the strain. I’m easy but I’m not cheap ;-)

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