Should Larry Parrish Be Fired?

Hello again everyone! In spite of the best efforts of Delta Airlines, I have made it back to Michigan in one piece, only slightly battered and bruised!

Speaking of battered and bruised, I think it’s safe to say that the Braves offense and its batting coach Larry Parrish are battered and bruised by all the negativity coming through both traditional media and the blogosphere. I guess when you perform at the level they have versus the expectations of their fans, you have to expect this kind of reaction.

Personally, I’ve never thought that the batting coach should necessarily be held accountable for the batting performance of the team. I feel that the batting coach can only be reasonably expected to help identify flaws that have arisen in the swings of hitters and help them address those problems. The coach also needs to make himself available to all the hitters, even when the hitters don’t seek out their help. But there’s a fine line between helping one problem and being the cause of other problems. As such, having an approachable personality is also important. But, for the most part, the coach can’t do the hitting for the players.

The hard part to figure for this team is how things have gone so wrong and stayed wrong for so long. Given the talent levels involved, I would have never thought it possible for the offense to have these numbers at the mid-point of the season. Yet everyone swears there has been no organizational directive to change the philosophy of hitting from last season. Even though the team’s OBP has plummeted at the same time that its HR rate has soared. And all of this is (coincidentally?) timed in tandem with the tenure of Larry Parrish as hitting coach.

So, here’s the question for all you would-be GM’s: Is it time to fire Larry Parrish? I say no, that the best cure for this offense is still “time”. Please vote, and tell us why you think the way you do!

Should Larry Parrish Be Fired?

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  • Mike

    I vote yes! It may not be his fault, but it also may be. The fact is, we just cant wait any longer. Its already getting late and nothing is improving, nor do i see the simple return of Prado as the answer, as we all though the same of Heyward.

    Larry Parrish needs to be fired if for no other reason than to shock the system. To snap everyone out of it and have them refocus on what made them a success getting on base last year. WALKS!!! The home runs will come. Put more men on base pressure and drive up the pitch count of the opposing pitcher.

    • Bob Horton

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Your comments make sense. I don’t know if his firing will shock the system as much as may be necessary. If I had my druthers, it would be for a blockbuster trade involving high-end talent, similar to what I’ve outlined before. I just don’t see that happening with the Braves frugal ways.

      These guys are talented. They should be hitting. They’re not. I guess it wouldn’t be a stretch to hear the rationalization that you can’t fire all the players, and you can’t fire the manager given his record, so that leaves the hitting coach! I guess we’ll see.

      Thanks again for commenting!


  • Fred Owens

    Not yes but HELL YES!. The numbers don’t lie -much- and while Dan was going to add strikeouts to the team even in his slump he’s only 4Ks ahead of last year’s K leader Troy Glaus. What hurts are 86 less walks and 21 more home runs don;t make up for it. All that said the reason I’d replace him was his position (and Fredi’s) is that he has no idea how to help Dan, all he can do is be there if they want to talk.
    Having said that the Braves are 9 over 500 and in second place, no one is getting fired.
    I’d still rather be the Braves than the Dodgers…that’s a sin

  • Bob Horton

    And I still think this team has a reasonable chance of winning it all, even with a sub-par offense. The Phillies are not invincible, IMO.