Chipper Update: Our Meniscus Is Better Than Their Meniscus

Hello again everyone from sunny southeast Michigan, where our high yesterday was only 80 degrees. It’s back into the 90’s today, but it was a great respite from the heat yesterday!

As we all get ready to get back into the swing of things, (pun absolutely intended!), the biggest news is perhaps on the Chipper Jones front, as the big interview with Frank Wren over at pretty much said what we’ve been saying here for a while: don’t look for any big moves by the Braves, as the team values its young pitching very highly (unsaid was that the team has very little money around to take on incremental salaries).

Anyway, the big news on the Chipper front is that the injury is progressing wonderfully. Chipper was quoted, again over at the, as comparing this surgery to similar surgery that he had on the knee in 1996. He said the recovery was 16 days back then, and he thinks he’s ahead of that schedule with this injury. He’s already on a stationary bike, plans to start hitting off a tee very shortly, and may skip a rehab assignment entirely, choosing instead to work out with the Gwinnett team while the big club is on the road. All signs point towards his return on July 25th against the the Pirates at Turner Field.

One other item of interest, at least to me, is why Chipper’s recovery time is dramatically less than A-Rod’s recovery time. Both injuries have been described as “slight tears” of the meniscus, both players played through the injury for some time (thought Chipper’s surgeon was quoted as saying he couldn’t believe that Chipper had been able to play with the tear that he found), and both use the knee as the “push” knee for their right handed swing. Perhaps A-Rod’s injury was more severe, but I’ve read everything I can find on both injuries, and it seems to me that they are very similar (of course, all the spin coming out of the “Evil Empire” P.R. machine makes the comparison tough). Any thoughts out there from the Braves Nation? Should the Yankees get better surgeons? Better players :) ?

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