Braves Obtain Nieves From Milwaukee

Hello again everyone. I’m back in Michigan, having survived a dual-fisted bout with LaGuardia and Detroit Metro. I think LaGuardia took the marathon match on points.

Speaking of marathon matches, while it appeared the Braves took one in 19 innings 4-3 over the Bucs, going to the referee’s card showed that Brian McCann’s loss to the DL with a strained oblique meant that the Braves were the real losers last night.

While the Braves were thought to be looking at light-hitting J.C. Buscan as his replacement, instead they obtained light-hitting Wil Nieves from Milwaukee to spell David Ross. Rumors were that the Braves paid between $25 and $45 for Nieves and his .140 batting average, but officially the deal was for “cash”.

The availability of backup catchers right now is almost non-existent, which matches the offensive skills Nieves brings to the table, especially at this point in his career. If the Braves are now on the hook for the prorated balance of Nieves $775,000 salary, I think Boscan would have been a better option.

That’s my take; care to share yours?

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