Chipper Day-To-Day With Left Knee Pain

Hello again out there. I’m coming to you once more from Southeast Michigan, this time with news that I honestly wish I didn’t have to report. Chipper’s LEFT knee is now bothering him!!!

Per a series of tweets from David O’Brien of the, Chipper says that he first felt the pain when he lunged for the base trying to beat out a single in the game Sunday (for what it’s worth – and it’s not worth much! -, I’m not certain that he was out).

Chipper was so concerned about the knee that he had an MRI performed on it today. The MRI came back negative, showing no knee damage at all. Apparently, the MRI was done mostly to give Chipper peace of mind, which actually seems pretty reasonable to me at theis point.

Also, Fredi Gonzalez says that it should mean that Chipper is missing from the starting lineup for only a day or so, but we have heard that story before. He is apparently available for pinch hitting duties. And, as a side note, Fredi says that Chipper would have batted sixth had he started. Most of you already know my thoughts on that situation. I hope that him batting sixth sticks, as that would mean the team is doing well. I can’t find an example of Chipper starting a game batting sixth in his career. If he did, it was one or two games in 1997. Chipper is just now getting hot. Batting him sixth with only Alex Gonzalez to “fear” after him in the order likely means a lot of bases on balls in Chipper’s future, and a lot fewer balls to drive. Let’s hope that he always comes to the plate with someone on base, so that it’s much less of an issue.

Once again, that’s my take. I’d love to hear yours!

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