Chipper, As Predicted, On Hot Streak

Hello one more time from Michigan tonight.

While waiting to see Craig Kimbrel enter the game in the ninth to put away the Cubbies and tie the all-time rookie saves record at 40, I just had to take the opportunity to blow my own horn for a minute about the play of Chipper Jones.

Since his return from the DL, and as predicted by me right here on Tomahawk Take, Chipper Jones has been on a tear. With his three hit performance tonight, his average on the season is up to .282, its highest level since some time in April. His OPS is up to .820, even with his walk rate being well below his career norms. And there’s no reason to think that his numbers won’t keep going up. Who knows; maybe his “demotion” to hitting in the sixth slot really got his dander up.

One last Chipper note for tonight. Did you notice the homer hit to left center by Chipper’s latest hitting project, Jason Heyward? Heyward did exactly what he’s been working with Chipper in batting practice on. He stayed on the ball, didn’t roll over on it, and didn’t try to pull it. What he did was crush it! If he can keep that up, things will look much rosier for him the rest of the year — and for the Braves as well!

Again, that’s my take. Got to watch Kimbrel get the third out here! YES!!!

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