Fun with Splits: What Jason Heyward did upon my sponsoring his B-R Page

On May 1st, I elected to sponsor Jason Heyward’s Baseball Reference Page. This was a watershed moment for me as a baseball fan, as I had always had hopes and dreams of one day sponsoring a page but no one had quite proved worthy. I decided that Heyward was the player worthy of this.

I paid enough money to Baseball-Reference that I had to do it out of my PayPal account so my wife couldn’t tell me how stupid I was for doing so. I ponied up my king’s ransom (Heyward’s stock was still high at this point as a player) and had the following epitaph inscribed on his page:

Every once in a while, we who follow the game of baseball are blessed with a generational talent of that era. This is that player.

Heyward appeared to want to make me eat my words.

Until May 1st, Heyward had the following numbers: .263/.354/.525, 7 HR,14 RBI

After my sponsoring of his B-R Page: He played in exactly 100 games, .215/.308/.343, 7 HR, 28 RBI

I still feel that Heyward will be a generational talent. I still think he’s going to be the Ken Griffey Jr. of my children’s era, or as close to it as there is (although Justin Upton might be making a run for the money as well). It’s amazing how far in one year’s time that Heyward’s stock seemed to fall. When my current sponsorship of his page expires this year some of you might be able to grab his page for the price of a few cheap lunches.

Have no fear Tomahawk Take faithful, I’m not re-upping this deal and sponsoring his page again. I’ll stay away from him in fantasy leagues and he’ll probably hit .320 with a slash line that makes you drool.

You can chalk up Jason Heyward’s poor 2011 to my sponsoring of his B-R page. I have no problem being your scapegoat, as bad as I feel about it.


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