Your Required Baseball Follows in the Twitter-verse

Right now, I follow 221 people on Twitter. I’m going to try and profile your must follow folks as part of being an MLB fan.

If you have a personal Twitter, I’d like you to set it aside. Create one that is just for following baseball. That way you’ve got a cornucopia of baseball wonderfulness all 365 days of the year and you can pretend for just a few minutes of scrolling through your timeline that baseball is all that is going on with the world. I’m telling you, don’t knock it until you try it. You might really like it and never log into your personal twitter.

First and foremost, let’s start with some Atlanta Braves-related follows, which I’m sure many of you know about:

@Braves – It’s one of the few Official MLB teams I follow, and not just because I like the Braves. The first time I saw |> |> |> \> \> I was hooked. #tomahawkchop

@fauxfrankwren – Well, it’s kind of a satirical account of the Braves General Manager.

@ajcbraves – David O’ Brien of the AJC. Fans do not realize how lucky they are to have a good beat writer covering their team until you have a bad one. O’ Brien is pretty strong, and he talks classic music on his Braves blog often. I just wish he liked more 80’s stuff.

@CapitolAvenue – Peter Hjort, editor of ESPN SweetSpot network’s Braves blog Capitol Avenue Club. He’s a protege of Rob Neyer and it shows. He does a great job and is the best Braves blogger on the planet IMO. He lives and dies through the Braves season just like a fan.

@JasonHeyward – The chosen one of the organization and still the face of the franchise. Not the most exciting follow to be honest; and that might be a good thing. Definitely has occasional interaction with fans. A lot of tweets with the #np (now playing) tag. J-Hey loves his hot beats.

@craigcalcaterra – One of ‘us’. He’s a Braves fan, former attorney turned baseball blogger, writing for NBC’s Hardball Talk. He lives like 10 minutes away from me in New Albany, Ohio.

@Heywards_Bombs –  When Jason Heyward goes yard, tweets follow. Hopefully they have about 40 tweets next year.

@FreddieFreeman – Another Braves young gun who most of you are already probably following. Nice year, Fred.

@KrisMedlen54 – I still can’t believe he didn’t respond to my tweets about me going like 12-3 with him in a season of MLB The Show. He was un-hittable.

@PeterMoylan – Lots of interaction with the fans and has quite a following for a righty bullpen specialist.
@TommyHanson48 – Hasn’t tweeted since August 8th, but it’s him.

@Frediot – I don’t think I’m the only one who has caught onto Fredi’s act.

@JordanSchafer – Good luck with “things” Schaf’.

@TwoSportman – The last man to play baseball and football professionally, Brian Jordan.

Then you’ve got some the personalities surrounding the game:

@SBerthiaumeESPN – Steve Berthiaume is on Baseball Tonight and absolutely loves baseball. He also loves MLB The Show, which got him on my good side from the beginning.

@robneyer – Like Aerosmith was the kings of Rock, this man is the king of baseball writing on the net. There is none higher.

@sabr – We all need to learn more about baseball’s new-age stats. And trust me, there is a lot to learn.

@jeffpearlman – He’s not only my favorite baseball writer at SI, he’s my favorite author, period.

@Buster_ESPN – They don’t call him Buster Yankee for nothing, folks.

@DocGooden16 – Dr. K himself. He tweets quite a bit. I am a sucker for mid-80’s Mets because they were my first video game team on RBI Baseball for Nintendo. I understand that not everyone out there shares this sentiment.

@DarrylStrawman – Does the man need any introduction? Tweets are far and few between but he was my first favorite player. It’s good to see that Straw has turned his life around.

@JoseCanseco – The 8th wonder of the world is Canseco twitter. He will amaze you with his rants and bi-polar real-life tweets. Always looking for the next pay day.

@williamfleitch – Good baseball fan, good author, and the man who got me reading sports blogs on the internet back in 2005 (Deadspin).

@flipflopflying – Craig Robinson, the author of Flip Flop Fly Ball. I have to read this book. You think you love baseball? Flip through this book next time you’re at the bookstore.

@dschoenfield – David Schoenfield, incumbent head editor for Rob Neyer at ESPN’s SweetSpot blog. He’s responsive to fans especially if you have a nice take. Mariners fan by trade.

@keithlaw – It’s Keith Law guys. You should know his excellence by now if you don’t already.

@OldHossRadbourn – I’m a sucker for satire. And this guy brings it from the early 1900’s. I have a feeling on who runs this account, and it’s a highly successful baseball writer. I won’t kiss and tell.

@pgammo – I mean it is Peter Gammons. Doesn’t talk as much baseball as you would think on twitter but enough. He’ll always be special to me.

@RaysJoeMaddon – The best manager in baseball is also probably the best manager on twitter. Feel the ups and downs of a season through a skipper’s words.

@JimBowdenESPNxm – Love him or hate him, the guy says some entertaining things. And he’ll always be the guy who traded for Ken Griffey Jr.

@d_a_cameron – He’s a self proclaimed baseball nerd who writes at the U.S.S. Mariner blog and FanGraphs. I think you’ll like him. A lot.

@BattingStanceG – His special talent is very unique.

@MikeStanton27 – Tape measure shots, baby.

@DatDudeBP – The best defensive second baseman in the game is very decorated on twitter, holding contests for those who follow and answer trivia questions or those that will meet up with him. He’s from Georgia too.

@TommyLasorda – He bleeds Dodger Blue. I’m just proud of him for knowing how to operate the thing.

@LarryFNBowa – Maybe the funniest follow on Twitter. He is more like the real Larry Bowa then the guy who spent all those years losing to the Bravos.

@dailylineups – Want to know how badly Fredi Gonzalez or Dusty Baker have mangled the lineup as soon as it’s available to the press before every game? Right here. If you play fantasy baseball, it’s a must.

@MnkysThrwngDrts – One of your new writers here at ‘The Take’. If you know obscure baseball players, they’ve probably been an honorary bat boy at Off-Base Percentage. We very are lucky to have this guy, he’s on FanGraphs while you’re asleep.

@GoldenSombrero – An up and coming talent in the baseball blogger scene; and one of my main squeezes that we’re are lucky enough to have as a writer at ‘The Take’. An innovator; his site tracks every Golden Sombrero during the baseball season. Can quote an Adam Sandler movie with the best of them.

@karlravechespn – I loved Ravvy on Baseball Tonight as a kid and he’s probably my favorite follow on twitter. He keeps it short but always delivers a good point and melody line with what is going on around the game.

That should get you off to a sound start in baseball follows. Got an MLB follow that you think is worthy? Yours go in the comments.

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