Mets to bring in Citi Field Fences

The New York Mets are about to make what I believe is a mistake that will not improve their terrible pitching staff–despite the fact that it could add around 25 more home runs for them next season. Hopefully it’s enough of a boost to change the framework of their ballpark.

After Citi Field produced the third-fewest homers in the National League last season, Mets officials decided to reduce the in-play surface area by 2 percent, general manager Sandy Alderson said. The playing surface beyond 300 feet from home plate is being reduced by 5 percent.

Alderson said the ballpark should lie roughly in the middle of NL stadiums in terms of homer friendliness after the changes. He added that there should be a disproportionate benefit to the Mets from the perspective that home players may have been psychologically deflated by the imposing previous dimensions, which included a 16-foot wall in left-field and a right-center alley that measured 415 feet.


This goes against every rule I believe in when we’re talking stadium construction.

Here are the rules:

1) You do not alter how you design your stadium based on players in the system (see Great American Ball Park – Dunn, Adam and Griffey, Ken). It’s stupid, do not do it. They’ll be long gone shortly after you build the structure and then you’re stuck with a stadium for eternity that you built for two players.

2) Once you build a stadium, you’re stuck with it.

3) Always remember that bad pitchers will remain bad in any park.

Now that you’ve learned the Tomahawk Take code of building Major League Stadiums, you can move forward with your day complete.

I guess I can understand some of the reasoning for what the Mets are doing. They’re most assuredly going to be poor again next season in the standings. They just had to let 10% of their front office work force go because they had such a poor season. At least bringing the fences in at makes it more fun for the fans and can momentarily put some butts in the seats.

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