'Take Classic Video of the Day: Braves Clinch '91 NL West Title

Get ready for a time warp when you watch this video. Today we flash all the way back to 1991 when David Justice was 25 and Ron Gant was just 26 years of age and the Braves were well on their way to their first of many World Series appearances.

My favorite Atlanta Brave maybe ever was Ron Gant. I absolutely loved the guy and could not believe myself when he was released after his ATV accident in 1993. He had a lot more tread left on the tires and ended up carving out a really nice Major League career.

He was like a Hercules of sort at the plate, he looked like he could hit a ball about 700 feet. I think he was Justin Upton before Justin Upton was Justin Upton. As a kid, I had a select few pages in my baseball card collection book dedicated to the guy.

Some 321 big league blasts later, he’s just a small footnote on this Braves blog. Anyone remember any of these?

If you were around back then, this should bring back some sweet memories for you. For you kids, get ready for a small history lesson that occurred before Sid Bream’s slide.

The world was simple in many ways in 1991. There is something pure about the game from back then. And every one in a while, you just wish you could go back. We’ve given you the opportunity to do that here for six minutes or so.

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