'Take Classic Video of the Day: Blue Jays *nearly* turn a World Series Triple Play on the Braves

The event in baseball history takes place in game three of the 1992 World Series, and it is still talked about by Blue Jays fans today.

It wasn’t enough that those Canadians from far up north got their first World Series title with the likes of Pat Borders playing catcher and Alfredo Griffin at shortstop; they wanted a World Series triple play in the history books.

Could Devon White play center field or what? That guy was unconscious with the leather. And no surprise to see that the umpire who made the questionable and incorrect call that took away the triple play from the Jays was Bob Davidson. It’s good to see that over the course of space and time, some things don’t ever change.

And now for a photo that just looks 1992:

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