Braves making push to get Dale Murphy into the Hall of Fame

I think all of us who were born in the early 80’s that collected baseball cards owned a few Dale Murphy’s in our day–did we not? I don’t particularly remember watching a lot of Dale Murphy play, but that’s probably because his finest years were around the time I was born until the time I was 5 or 6 years old.

Former Braves General Manager John Schuerholz wrote a letter to Hall of Fame voters to plead his case for Murphy to be inducted to the Hall of Fame. Murphy has two more years that he’s scheduled to be on the ballot and collected just 12.9% of the vote last year, putting his status in doubt. You can see Schuerholz’s letter to the voters here at

From the article:

Murphy’s supporters have continued to point out that he led all Major League outfielders during the 1980s in home runs (308) and RBIs (929). He ranked second among outfielders during this span in hits (1,553) and extra-base hits (596).

But Murphy’s candidacy has seemingly been hindered by his .265 lifetime batting average, which was damaged during some unproductive years late in his career. He hit .289 from 1982-87, and batted .238 from ’88 until the end of his career in ’93.

Murphy played all three outfield spots with regularity, first base and even found himself behind the dish for 85 big league games in his career. He was obviously a very versatile big league player that brought a lot to the table. From 1976 to 1990 he wore an Atlanta Braves uniform.

Without using any amount of bias Braves fans, does this man deserve a call from the Hall?

I’ll reserve comment and wait to hear from our readers. I’ll also add that while Murphy was ‘great’ for several years, that might not be enough. If he does get in, that opens the floodgates for guys like Vada Pinson, Dave Parker and Dwight Evans, among others.

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