'Take Classic Video of the Day: A 1996 World Series Montage Set to Good Tunes

I remember this montage well immediately following the series that Jimmy Leyritz made his with his game four, 8th inning three run blast.

A lot of the classic figures from the game in my childhood–and maybe yours are shown in this video. Girardi. Pettite. Leyritz. Young Chipper Jones. Marquis Grissom for shits sakes!

I didn’t realize that Freddy McGriff had such a nice 1996 season, and hit two bombs and .300 in the series. He really was such a nice little ballplayer.

And not trying to rub salt in the wounds here, but the Yankees only hit .216 with two home runs the entire series in winning in six games. Andruw Jones equaled that many in his first Fall Classic game to begin the series.

That Braves team was absolutely loaded. No reason that should have been the first of a run of modern day titles for the Yankees and not a repeat for the Braves. And that’s what it felt like back then in my neck of the woods before the series started.

Great song also, it’s by Little Steven if you’re wondering.

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