'Take Classic Video of the Day: MVP Baseball 2004 Commercial (Starring that Pujols guy)

To this day, MVP Baseball 2004 for the old Playstation 2 might be my favorite simulation baseball title. I mean no disrespect to the likes of MLB the Show and their hard work or classic RBI Baseball, but this game was the king of kings.

There is no one thing about it that was great. Overall, the glitches were minimal and the career mode was exceptional. Anyone out there who owned this game: did it not just have that ‘it’ factor that didn’t leave you wanting more when you played it?

If you play MLB the Show now, you realize that EA’s last baseball game was ahead of it’s time. They implemented a lot of the principles that made The Show series so popular.

And the fine folks at 2K Sports should really give MVP Baseball a whirl to find out what a real baseball game plays like. And EA should stop trying to to make Madden (that franchise is cooked, by the way) and go back to doing what they’re solid at: sim-style Hockey games and MVP Baseball on the new generation consoles.

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