Why would Frank Wren Trade for Eduardo Nunez?

Before we get into the subject matter of this post I think I have some explaining to do. You guys haven’t seen my name around the Take before because I am the newest member of the team. I am extremely excited to be writing here and hopefully you guys will enjoy me being here as well. You can read more about me in the ‘About’ tab so let’s cut to the chase.

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Lately there have been some shortstop rumors regarding the Braves that really confused me. Apparently the Braves are interested in Eduardo Nunez, of the New York Yankees. I find it hard to believe that Frank Wren will seriously go after Nunez, especially it if involves either Jair Jurrjens or Martin Prado.

Here is an interesting quote from Harper’s source in the MLB Trade Rumors post I linked above:

“They need offense,” said Harper’s source. “They need a shortstop because they don’t want to bring [Alex]  Gonzalez back, and they like Nunez a lot. They know the jury is out on him defensively, but they think his offense is strong enough that he could move to the outfield if he can’t be their long-term answer at short.”

I wonder who ‘they’ refers to in this little snippet because I really doubt anyone making decisions in the Braves organization thinks his offense is particularly strong, especially in the outfield. If you don’t know much about Nunez because of that other shortstop in New York I will provide you with a quick look at his numbers from 2010 (30 games) and 2011 (112 games).

.273 .317 .373 .282 .100 6 27

Surely this isn’t the offensive upgrade we have been looking for? The average is decent for a young shortstop and the speed is there but I would like to remind everyone of Tyler Pastornicky.

  • Player A’s minor league career- .259/.303/.353 27 HR’s, 106 SB’s (582 games)
  • Player B’s minor league career-  .282/.343/.365 17 HR’s, 147 SB’s (421 games)

Player B has a significantly better average, on-base percentage, stolen base total (with less games) and a slightly better slugging percentage. Player A is superior only in the HR category with 161 more games played.

Player A is Eduardo Nunez and Player B is Tyler Pastornicky. Pastornicky is also an average to slightly above average defender, depending on which source you use to get your info. You should also realize that Pastornicky is 2 years younger than Nunez and hasn’t reached his power potential yet.

Given all of this, why would Frank Wren even think about trading for Eduardo Nunez? It would be ridiculous. Despite the rumor above and another one here, I don’t think Frank Wren will try and trade for Nunez. He has a better, younger, cheaper version of Nunez already in the organization waiting to be given a shot at the starting shortstop job.

A more realistic possibility for the Braves would be the last rumor I am going to link for you, involving Jack Wilson. He is a short term, cheap option that the Braves can use while looking for a legit offensive upgrade in the outfield. He can also become the utility infield guy Atlanta wants once Pastornicky is brought up from Gwinnett.

There is no point in sending away one of your most valuable trade chips for a player inferior to one you already have. In the end this rumor is just that; a rumor. So I wouldn’t pre-order that custom made Nunez Braves jersey just yet. But a Pastornicky jersey… well that’s a different story.

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