Drew Sutton being compared to Ben Zobrist

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Fred already went over Drew Sutton a bit, as well as brief scouting reports on the other Braves minor league free agent signings so far but I wanted to go into a bit more detail with Sutton because of a pretty sweet comparison.

I am sure most of you know who Ben Zobrist is. Tampa Bay’s star that came out of no where two years ago and is ranked tenth in WAR over that period of time. He was thought of as simply a utility man until he had his big break and to most people, that is what Drew Sutton is.

But after some Twitter conversing and a look at this Bloomberg Sports article posted a year ago, there is a chance that Drew Sutton could turn into something more impressive than a utility man.

Jaime Cevallos is the hitting instructor for both Ben Zobrist and Drew Sutton. Apparently he is also known as ‘the swing mechanic’ so you know he has to be good. Here is what Cavallos said about his two clients in the article.

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