Thanksgiving is definitely about the food, the family, and giving thanks. To me, it will always be about tuning in to see what John Madden and Pat Summerall are going to say next. They were my favorite booth duo in my life of watching sports. On Thanksgiving I would wake up and crush some of mom’s home cooked food and then flip the channel over to the Land of Turducken to listen to Madden and Summerall call the national game.

The Madden’s and Summerall’s of the world are no more. It’s a shame that kids today will not have that–as they’ve been replaced with Troy Aikman and Joe Buck. But at least none of us have to work tomorrow. And if you’re unlike me, and lucky; you don’t have to shop.

Before things get crazy for you, myself, and all of us in general; I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your continued support of The ‘Take.

Take some time tomorrow to give thanks. Savor that turkey and winter warmer combination. Watch football all day long and don’t feel badly about it. Hug your wife and tell her you’ll help with the dishes.

This holiday is mostly about good food, great football, and those you care about. We’ve got plenty of time to talk baseball, and we’ll be back at it after the holiday. There won’t be much going on in the baseball world for the next few days, that’s a given. So if ever there was a time to let the laptop battery die and fall away from the interwebs for 24 hours baseball fan, this might be it.

And again. Just watch some football, would you?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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