Possible Shortstop Trade Options

Free agent middle infield signings have been bizarre this off season with border line bench guys receiving good sized pay checks and multi-year deals.* This really makes things annoying for the Braves who would love to sign a shortstop to a cheap one year deal. Apparently the market for all glove no bat guys is pretty good and Frank Wren may want to get a stop-gap shortstop via trade.

*Clint Barmes- 2 years, 10.50 million, Jamey Carroll- 2 years, 6.75 million, John McDonald- 2 years, 3 million

I am going to go over several shortstops who have either been rumored to be traded or shortstops on teams that match up well with Atlanta.

Alexei Ramirez

For some reason Ramirez has been brought up in Braves rumors a few times but this one just doesn’t make sense right off the bat. Ramirez is signed through 2016 to a pretty large contract and he’s no Tulo. This is not the one year fix the Braves want.

No deal.

Stephen Drew

Drew was rumored a while back and the Braves likely don’t have any interest for these reasons: injury, contract (7.75 million in ’12), and left handed. There is no point in taking this risk at all.

No deal.

Eduardo Nunez

I am going to link you here, as I have already been over Nunez.

No deal.

Brendan Ryan

We are getting warmer. Ryan has one year left on his 2 year deal for just $1.75 million. He plays good defense and he could serve as a utility infielder after TP is brought up. He doesn’t hit at all but at least his OBP (.313) is an upgrade from SeaBass.

Ryan won’t cost much and should be the Braves primary target if a free agent isn’t signed. Deal.

Marco Scutaro 

The Red Sox have been linked to all sorts of pitchers and they might be interested in Jurrjens or another Braves pitcher. Scutaro also makes sense as he has a one year contract ($6 million) and is actually a decent hitter. He would be a huge offensive upgrade. His career slash is .271/.341/.378 compared to A-Gon’s .247/.291/.399 line.

He would cost more than Ryan in both prospects and money, but the offensive production would make it worth that for a year. Deal

J.J. Hardy

I don’t think Hardy has been linked to the Braves but the Orioles need pitching and the Braves have that to offer. Hardy is signed through 2014 at $7 million each year so it might be a little to steep for Atlanta but it’s possible. Hardy’s career line of .264/.320/.435 is an upgrade and he may be worth the money but the Orioles are going to point out his homers and raise the price.

This one is iffy for me. There is no way I would want Hardy for three years so he would need to be traded after the first (or until TP is brought up). Atlanta could probably get some nice prospects in return for Hardy at the trade deadline if he keeps hitting the ball, but is the risk worth it?

Coin flip (depending on who is being traded).


There are a few of the names that have been brought up in rumors, or are good fits. Obviously a couple are ridiculous and a couple would be good. What do you think? Any other shortstops? Would you feel confident giving Pastornicky the starting job in 2012?





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