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Logan Morrison

Marlin Maniac recently put up a post about Logan Morrison and his potential surgery this off season as well as his run ins with management over the past year. I can’t really decide which side I am with this situation. On one hand the Miami management really made a mess of things and on the other, Morrison should know better than to call out his own team on a social network. Both sides should be faulted I guess.

It would be interested to see whether the Marlins shop Morrison because of this in order to get some pitching. Apparently Logan is fine with the team and they definitely know he is a talented player but have their been 1 too many disagreements? I mean he filed a grievance against the team so I find it hard to believe Morrison and management are ‘buddy buddy’.

A Braves-Marlins trade would be interesting but I doubt the Marlins would trade two great players to a division rival in two years. I also don’t think Braves management would want all of the social network baggage that Morrison brings along, however much fans would love it.

Alex Gonzalez, tweet of the day, and picture of the day after the break.

Alex Gonzalez

Around the Foghorn writes about how the Giants are reportedly talking with shortstop Alex Gonzalez. I agree with Bryan on this one, it doesn’t make much sense.

The Giants have an all glove shortstop already, who is younger and cheaper and they are one of the teams least suited to take on A-Gon’s bat. You know, the one with a huge hole in the middle of it?

I am extremely interested in seeing how much money ol’ SeaBass gets. He is going to get over payed most likely, and I feel really bad for the fans of the team that does it.

Tweet of the Day

Today’s tweet isn’t a tweet but a Twitter bio. I got a chuckle out of this even though I am a Braves fan:

@TBOHblog (Justin Klugh)’s bio

I’d love you to believe Phillies baseball isn’t all WS championships and innovative vulgarities, but… I’m not a liar.

Picture of the Day


Replace the uniforms with chain mail, and the ball with a sword and it looks pretty intense. Just picture it in your head. That guy’s facial expression would be more fitting as well.

Have a good day guys.


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