'Take Classic Video of the Day: This is what a Lou Piniella Ejection Looks Like

Lou Piniella was never manager of the Braves, but I think fans around baseball probably felt the same way about him that I did. He was the grumpy grandpa of our baseball kingdom. When Sweet Lou farts, you better make sure he’s in the right mood for you to notice. Sweet Lou does not mind giving you a nickel to return the shopping cart to the proper area for him. Sweet Lou probably smells like aged Stetson, like all grandfathers do. He yells and swears at you when you leave your RC Cola’s half finished and vows to never fill his fridge with soda that ‘you kids can waste’ again. He acts like your trip with him to the drug store is a reward of some type, but he was going there anyways. He enjoys good scotch, good espresso, and bribes your grandmother with antiques. He believes there are items awaiting him at flea markets that will be of great use to him and he shows up at the grocery on Saturdays to hit on the average looking women working and to hit on the samples even harder.

At the :20 mark, Sweet Lou is going to appear as a small and grainy spectacle on our screen. By :27 he’s broken into that not even 1/4 trot that only an angry baseball manager with a gut can perfect, and he wants to the ump to know that he’s irritated and he’s came to state his case.

By :33 he’s in our living rooms and looking for a reason to get pissed on this hot summer day. In this scenario, the first base umpire is going to supply him with the anger. At :45, Lou has gone 6′s and 7′s looney on us. You wonder if he awoke that morning to find that someone has thrown something into his highly sacred compost pile or perhaps his grandchildren were digging in one of his gardening areas.

Gramps Piniella lives on in ‘Take Classic Video history forever.

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