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Happy Saturday everybody. Saturdays are like a mini-holiday. And Saturdays following the week after Thanksgiving should definitely be considered some type of special achievement for surviving until. If you survive, you should receive a really nice small medal with rare gemstones and valuable flawless garnets all around it.

Seriously, it’s the worst Monday in the history of work that any man should have to return to work. But we all made it and somehow we’re into December.

So grab your cup of Joe and put off the weekend chores a little bit longer. Here are some baseball reads that should fit the typical ‘Take reader’s interests.

-Ben Duronio says it’s a good time to trade Johnny Venters [Capitol Avenue Club]

-A Mike Stanton extension, possible or not? [FanGraphs]

-Randall Delgado checks in at #33 of the top 50 prospects at The Sombrero. [The Golden Sombrero]

-Ever wonder what happened to the Astrodome? [Deadspin]

-The Dbacks have placed a target on landing Mark Buehrle. And after all these years of writing about baseball I still can’t spell his name on my first attempt. [SI Truth & Rumors]

-Get your highly touted Cuban outfielder du jour, and get him right now at the right price. [Jerry Crasnick - ESPN]

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