Jair Jurrjens being targeted by Reds, many other teams.

I was actually going to do my next scouting report -on Matt Lipka- but that was before I checked Braves rumors on MLBTR and saw this little article. Here are the main snippets I want you guys to look it if you have a grudge against clicking links:

The Reds are “very interested” in trading for Braves starter Jair Jurrjenstweets SI.com’s Jon Heyman.


It was reported during the GM meetings that the Reds had inquired on Jurrjens as part of their search for a front-end starting pitcher. GM Walt Jocketty said over the weekend that Cincinnati has a list of six potential trade targets, so presumably Jurrjens is at or near the top of that list.

The first thing I want to dissect with you guys is the fact that John Heyman quotes the Reds as being very interested in trading for Jurrjens. I take this to mean that the team acknowledges the lofty price for JJ, and are planning on making a solid offer in order to get him. This is good news because I honestly was starting to think that JJ was here to stay. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but I really would love to have the package Wren is looking for in return for Jurrjens.

immediate thoughts on who the Reds could offer and other teams after the break…

It would be interesting to see whether the Reds would part with Drew Stubbs but that’s just the player that first pops out to me who would interest the Braves. It will be interesting to see if the Reds put up a satisfactory offer however.

If they don’t it shouldn’t be a problem as Heyman reports that a total of ten teams are interested in Jair. Call me a debby downer but I didn’t expect near this much interest in the young Braves ‘ace’. The teams will definitely die down, and most of them probably simply have a vague interest at best.

No matter how many of those ten are seriously interested, at least we have one. I’ll keep you updated on the whole Reds/Braves/Jurrjens/me getting excited about trades situation develops because I know you guys are dying for Wren to make a move if for no other reason than the simple fact that fans love trades.

I know I do.


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