Peter Moylan's Twitter spat with Nickleback

Over the weekend, twitter Cooperstown member and Braves reliever (he threw 8 and 1/3 innings for Atlanta this past season) opened up a can of twitter smack on Nickelback. And Nickelback is tired of being pushed around.

From Deadspin:

Anyway, this Moylan guy must have gotten back from a Foo Fighters concert and decided Nickelback needed a kick in the ass. The tweet reads “Note to @nickelback please attend a @foofighters concert. That’s how’s it should be done chad.”

It gets worse, everyone. Nickelback responded! “@PeterMoylan Foos are killer for sure. We’re doing just fine too thanks. ? for you Pete, is watching Kimbrel better from the bench or on TV?”

Honestly, my first take is who the heck is Pete Moylan? I thought Nickelback’s burn was quite weak but I get where they were going with it. I’ve tweeted him what I thought to be worthy questions several times, he never responded to anything except retweet requests so I decided to un-follow. And thus was the end of my interest in what Peter Moylan is doing on twitter.

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