Braves GM Frank Wren's thoughts on the Marlins Spending Spree

The Marlins went out and signed Jose Reyes over the weekend. They’re pursuing Albert Pujols. If you think the Braves are panicking or going to feel froggy and jump because the team down in South Beach is doing it; you might be wrong.

Frank Wren spoke to the Atlanta Journal Constitution recently about the subject matter:

“I think it’s been pretty apparent since the offseason began that they were going to be very aggressive and go out and try to improve their club,” Wren said of the Marlins, who are moving into a new ballpark. “I think that’s always the goal for teams moving into a new facility. They want to make a splash right away, because sometimes you only have one chance to make a first impression.”

The Braves don’t feel any sense of urgency.

“It’s proven out in recent history, these meetings aren’t the end-all,” Wren said. “Historically this is where a lot of free agents make their decisions, which kind of opens up the floodgates for a lot of other things to happen. But we’ve seen a lot of things happen in January [in past years] in putting your team together.”

I expect the Braves to pick up a Jamey Carroll-type player, or maybe a backup outfielder. Maybe it’s a guy who can fill both roles from the bench. I think in the end it will amount to a known name signing a one year free agent contract with Atlanta. The good news is the Braves didn’t have as far to climb as the Florida Marlins, so they don’t need to throw tons of dollars at big names. That’s never really been Atlanta’s style anyways.

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