DOB's Q&A with Fredi Gonzalez; Starting Rotation Predictions

I could probably write about Pujols for the rest of the week but it’s over with, I have told you guys what I think, and most importantly this is Tomahawk Take. You guys want Braves content of course, so here is a great interview with Fredi at the AJC.

Here is the most insightful bit of information Fredi gives us, and should show us more what the rotation is going to look like:

Q. Do you guys think Kris Medlen is a better fit for long relief out of the bullpen than starting right now?

A. “He’s a wild card. He can do both and do both extremely well. We haven’t made a decision on whether he’s going to be a starter or in the bullpen. I think we’ll work him as a starter, kind of keep stretching him out, because you could always back him off to go to the bullpen. He’s a wild card for us, he really is. He can do a lot of roles for us.  And he’s healthy. He showed us at the end of last year that he’s recovered from the Tommy  John [surgery].”

Check out that link for the full interview, you really shouldn’t miss it if you are a die hard Braves fan.

But it looks like they are going to give Meds another shot at starting, which I think is a solid idea. I mean you really can’t go wrong either way but I would rather see if he is still a valuable starter. They are much more valuable than good relievers.

Based on what we know with injuries and trade rumors here is what I am going to guess the starting rotation in 2012 looks like:

  1. Tim Hudson
  2. Tommy Hanson
  3. Brandon Beachy
  4. Kris Medlen
  5. Mike Minor
I think Jurrjens is bound to get moved and maybe Delgado or Teheran will get some time in the bullpen before starting. If that doesn’t happen they will go to triple A to start the season and whoever performs best will be brought up and Medlen will likely go back to the bullpen (if there are no injuries and each pitcher performs up to expectations).
It’s still early so who knows, but based on what we have seen and heard I think this is a safe bet. It is a rotation I am comfortable with as well, although young.






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