Braves have concern with Tommy Hanson's shoulder

Well of course the Atlanta Braves are concerned with Tommy Hanson’s shoulder. The real question is whether they are more concerned now because of some bad development in his rehab or if they are simply expressing their concern to get more leverage in a trade involving Jair Jurrjens. This entire off season Frank Wren has said that he doesn’t need to trade Jurrjens or Prado and this could be another step in that direction but if they are in fact more worried about Hanson than previously we should be at least a little bit concerned, as Braves fans.

We still have quality depth but Hanson is arguably our best pitcher when healthy and him not being in the rotation hurts the team. A rotation of Hudson/Beachy/Jurrjens/Medlen/Minor would probably be fine but I like the thought of a Hudson/Beachy/Hanson/Medlen/Minor rotation a heck of a lot more.

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